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Thursday, August 25, 2005

A Classical Music Survivor

If I cannot remember everything it is because, as Schoenberg so brilliantly understood, life's most intense experiences survive in two forms of memory - as general impression and as sliver-sharp fragments, like shattered glass.

Norman Lebrecht reminds us that when he's not scrawling doomsday prophicies* he sure can write about the music. It would be nice to see him scale back the polemics and promote all the good things going on in classical music.

* "The end is extremely fucking nigh," written on a church wall in zombified London in 28 Days Later, should be in Lebrecht's handwriting.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Tech Ubiquity...

...has gone too far. I just watched a man take his laptop into the bathroom at a coffeeshop. There's no table in there, so one or both of them's coming out unwashed.

<resume pause>

Wednesday, August 03, 2005


This unannounced pause in posting has been brought to you by a looming move 1,050 miles to the north-northeast. Though we are early in the packing phase yet*, there is much to do and none of it makes for interesting blog copy. This pause is in your best interest, dear reader.

Coming in September: Jason tries to become the good graduate student he never was; Jason assists in teaching material that he's only slightly familiar with; Jason faces winter above the Mason-Dixon line; Jason and EKB stalk Cincinnati Symphony music director Paavo Järvi. Stay tuned!

PS- The slogan above is *not* made up. Cincinnati actually has an anti-litter campaign that commands, "Don't Trash the 'Nati." (I've seen the signs myself.) I don't know how this goes in town, but it misses the hip mark for me. The instant association with Natty Light, the college freshman's beer of choice (at least in the South), doesn't help.

* EKB is in the packing phase...I only have a couple things in boxes.