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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


The Orchestra: "Defiant Cockroach of the Post-Nuclear Cultural Wasteland." Thank you, Matthew Guerreri! (Matthew's blog.)

Take a Friend to the Orchestra month reminds me that I haven't been getting there enough myself in the past two seasons. (To say nothing of not blogging when I have gone*...I'm a crappy blogger.) Recent Cincinnati Symphony-related links: Cincinnati critic Janelle Gelfand contributes a TAFTO article; Conductor Paavo Järvi was sentenced yesterday for operating a vehicle while intoxicated--hate for negative publicity to be the only way to get the symphony in the news. I can imagine all the tut-tutting going on in response to this, but I say if he keeps conducting like he has been while we've been in Cincinnati, let 'im drink all he wants. CSO is world-class, especially when Paavo's conducting. It's one of the things I'll miss most about leaving town.**

* PS - Radu Lupu & Yefim Bronfman were great this season. Bronfman's Brahms 2nd Concerto was huge; I've never heard such a big sound with so many different colors--even more impressive in cavernous Music Hall.

** This blog is Jacksonville-bound in August. What's going on musically there? Don't know yet. Stay tuned.


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