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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Nat'l Lefty Day

August 13 is National Lefthanders Day! Both I and the better half (upgraded to "the wife" as of July 5th) are lefties, so are various family members.

The clerk at our little nearby post office celebrated with cake and made all of her customers sign their credit card slips left handed. The samples she showed us were pretty entertaining.

Thanks to Steve Smith, I now know that Kaija Saariaho is a lefty, too. I like the anecdote Steve has about her troubles writing manuscript scores--they sound familiar. If you haven't read it yet, follow the link on his post to his recent NYTimes profile of Saariaho. I'm still hoping to be in the vicinity of a performance of either opera or La Passion de Simone someday.

The better half shows off her left hand, new rings and her mussels (in Nice!).


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At 5:19 PM, Blogger J*Jo said...

I heard that Barack Obama and John McCain are both lefties also. Just thought you should know.


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