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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Streaming Orgies

vilaine fille blogs about - and provides a handy outline of - Spring Orgy season at Harvard’s WHRB. Their main page gives live streaming options & links to the detailed schedule. Usually I find out about the orgies after they happen, so it's been nice to catch this one near the beginning. Upcoming highlights include a Mighty Handful orgy (even Cui gets some airplay), Left Hand Piano Orgy and the Charlie Parker Orgy. 84 hours of Bird – Stream & Enjoy.

NB: When I get around to expanding my blogroll, vilaine fille will be one of the first additions.* It's a first-rate blog - well written, beautifully and tastefully illustrated and with copious linkage. Highly recommended.

* along with twang twang twang, Sieglinde's Diaries, and the individual blogs and Composers Forum at Sequenza 21. As for Trrill, they recently shocked the classical blogosphere with an announced retirement. But recently the archives were put back up, and those are worth perusal.


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