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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Lively Up Your Blog

I was pretty darned ecstatic when, within a couple weeks of setting up residence in the classical* music blogosphere, I was linked to by several blogs that I read regularly. "How cool," thought I, "instant blog cred." The curse was that I had nothing to say – or rather I had plenty to say but none of it felt new, relevant, clever, or particularly well put. Combine those inferiority issues with a trough in my personal manic cycle and you have lengthy hiatus.

It's time to get some content on this here blog and earn my links from the cool kids. I'm going to loosen up a little bit - go for a conversational tone, but try to avoid ranting or babbling. (Punctuation's bound to get ugly – grammarians are forewarned.) Over the next couple days, I'll put up a barrage of posts - things I meant to say that I'm just now getting around to.
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* replace at will with your preferred alternate descriptor


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