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Monday, January 31, 2005

From the Blogosphere

Marcus posts about Houston Symphony's newly announced 2005-06 season. I'm right with him in looking forward to the several highlights of next season - it is such a pleasure to live in a city with a full-time orchestra (esp. after spending most of my life in the backwater of Florida). I'm going to complain that they are bringing Leila Josefovicz to town in back-to-back seasons and neither time is she playing the Adams Violin Concerto. Dammit! Also - I love Chopin but could do without the Concerti, do I really need to hear both of them in one season?

Kyle Gann's PostClassical Radio is currently loaded with piano music (playlist), including an hour's worth of La Monte Young's Well-Tuned Piano. This is one of the few works where I've had a truly vertiginous listening experience that involved a recording rather than live performance. When I started it up this afternoon, the first things I heard were a piece from Terry Riley's The Harp of New Albion and one of Elodie Lauten's Variations on the Orange Cycle. Lovely Music, indeed.


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