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Friday, January 14, 2005

Argh! Foiled!

In lieu of blogging this week I've been doing some advance work ahead of this weekend's concert slate. I was looking forward to attending the Musiqa/Chiara Quartet performance tonight and writing about it upon my return, finally getting some content on this blog.

Unfortunately my car had other ideas. She had just enough juice to get a mile away and back home as quick as I could make it...actually I had to walk the last half block after the battery gave up the ghost. Alternator, battery, or electrical system - it's still a pain in the ass.

My main consolation is that at least I'll probably get more chances to hear Tony Brandt's The Dragon and the Undying and Shih-Hui Chen's Quartet #4, which was to premiere tonight, in performances at Rice. (By the way, I found the score for Brandt's Dragon here.)

Tomorrow I'll say a few things about Bluebeard's Castle in anticipation of the Houston Symphony's concert - I have a driver for that one.


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